Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Joy & The Pain

Hallo its a long time I didn't update my blog. Its because recently I've no idea to wrote here...huhu..so sowie..So now I'll study again..yeayh!! hehe...where?? Its will revealed soon..hahaha

After I know that I've been accepted to cntinue my study I told my parents and I also want to tell my bestfrens but unfortunately not all of them that have time for me..Its ok they've their own life now so maybe they busy with it..who I am to judge them rite..hurmm...

But after feeling down my 'brother' have called me...I'm so happy when he called me bcoz its about a month he didn't contact me. He so busy with his activities at his university but he never missed to take care of me even he busy. There use when u have a little sister rite..huhu thanx 'abang' to take care of me...love yaa <3

After my 'brother' have called me, I called my bestfwen..we talk till 2 am..after so long didn't contact him actually..so many story that came out that nite. So I can sleep peacefully tonite and hope I get a nice & sweet dreamz...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~B2St fever~

Halloo...its been long time didn't update my blog..huhu...I'm kind of busy with working rite now..huhu... So for this 2 weeks I've been busy with work and no time to do other things but 1 thing that I always do which is listen to the music..hehe.. Its make me happy and less of pressure..huhu
B2st or Beast have debute their 1st album..aaahh I'm so excited..haha..so I've download their full album n now I've listen to their song for this whole weekend non stop..haha...In the previous post I've told u guys that I've fallen in love with B2st rite n now I'm more in love with them..haha..

this is their album cover

I've put their song at my blog & the title is Fiction..so enjoy it & u must love it!!
Oh forgot something....just because of my sis have fallen in love with Yoseob so I've to choose
someone else n the lucky person is ...

this is my cute Kikwang oppa...huhu

So that's all for today & I will update later...bubbye & c yaa!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Hang Out wif my bff ~

Last Thursday I've a great time with my bff which is I didn't see her almost 3 years..woa 3 years is not a short time u know...but bff still bff we're still close as we were in last 3 years..Actually I didn't plan to meet her but as all my frens know I'm an unexpected person...

I got went back home early from the office n suddenly I'm thinking of my bff then I called n ask her out...haha...as simple as that...then we went to wangsa walk mall....I've accompany my fren to shopping n I'm just do window shopping only..huhu didn't get my pay check yet..huhu

After that we went to Secret Recipe to full our empty stomach...hehehe...my bff have treat me..aarhhh lurve her very much....hehe..so we've order 2 slice of cake & 1 p
late of spaghetti meat balls..yummy..

this is my bff Muna with her cute face & Choc Ice Blended ^_^

oopss sowie the spaghetti didn't arrive yet...huhu

So after eating we went back home..almost 8'oclock that time...huhu anyway I'm so happy that day n we have talk a lot about our past...its so funny n also missed that time...hurm...by da way thanx so much & luv u Muna!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did u guys know what is boomerang?? Boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape that use as a weapon or for sport but usually most people use for sport.

this is what boomerang looks like

Why I'm telling u this?? because one of my fren have gave me a song that title boomerang. I heard this song for the first time n it has captured my heart...haha..strange rite...yess..this song is interesting n also lovely..its sing by a group called Plain White T's

this is Plain White T's if u guys dunno them

They popular with the song 'hey delilah' try to search this boomerang song n hear it..I bet u'll be love it...to my fren who gave me this song..thanx soo much..I really2 appreciate it n also I really have fall in love with this song...huhu....

owh I have change my song to this boomerang song..so lets hear n enjoy it...
(^_^)\/ peace

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Half day at office~

Today I've got half day from my boss..huhu yes I like..but actually I've got something to settle. Yesterday was my tragic day...I've got an accident..yes..an ACCIDENT..not so bad actually and the important thing is ITS NOT MY FAULT ok...my car got hit from the back..its jammed that time and that car in such a hurry n then could not brake his car then BOOM..hit my car..gosh that time only Allah know how I felt..a loner ladies got accident with a men..huhu
So today I go to the police station to make a report..at first I go to Kota Damansara Police Station then they said I have to go to the PJ Police Station coz I've got an accident at PJ area not Kota Damansara..hurm..ok so I went there with my dad n my office mate (my friend actually) then make a report..Its take a lot of time actually..I have to key in the report by my self at the computer that have been prepared there...so I've settled everything at 2.30 pm.

We went back to Kota Damansara & arrive at 3.00 pm so we went to lunch first coz all of us really starving that time & after lunch I sent my dad to his office..So because of long journey, I've to ask my friend to drive from Kota Damansara to KTM station at Batu Caves to sent himself there..huhu sorry my fren still shock regarding yesterday and after that I went back home safely..alhamdulillah..
To my fren...thanx for being my driver today hehe & sorry because u have to take a long journey to get home today...
(^_^)\/ peace

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Irresponsible Person

From now on I have to do extra work at my office..this all because of this irresponsible person..I hate it..why?? If u didn't know how to do ur job can't u juz tell the boss or someone in charge..Is it difficult to said "I didn't know to do this. Can u guys show me how to do it?" is it so difficult!! hey u have ur mouth okeyh..Allah gave u mouth n voice to speak not just sit down quietly..then now u have make other people to do ur job..great attitude...huh..
Anyway whatever it is I have to do it whether I like it or not..my big boss have asked me personally to do this so I have to accept it rite..hurm..this is what we called experience..yaa rite..so thats all for today entry..will update again later...see yaa..
(^_^)\/ peace

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~New Song & New ME!!~

This time I've put a new song in my blog so u guys can enjoy when listening to the song k...so the song is kind of make u be in a club rite..haha..its not I'm into a kind of girls ok..juz the music of this song makes me release my tension & of course I like to hear this song when I'm faced my work (coding) at office..layan beb..hahha..
Furthermore now I think I'm a step ahead become an anti social people...(really??)huhu...dun know maybe now I'm a working person so when I came home I've already feel tired and sometimes I haven't open my laptop at all and even I'm on my laptop I juz let it be on until morning...but I always on my fb & sometimes some peoples want to chatting with me but I think all the time NO ONE...so u guys know y I let my fb still on until mornink rite...haha
sometimes I feel like I want to further my study so badly bcoz I think when I'm in college I have many frens to go for hang out or chatting..now all my frens have their own life..everyone busy..no time to chit chat or calling2 like old time..hurm...
I think its time for me to wake up and faced the real life as a working people..at least for a short time...okeyh Fieqa life must go on...ganbatte ne~ haha..
okeyh thats it my luahan perasaan session..haha..will update later yaw..
(^_^)\/ peace

Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Hang Out!!~

Today I went hang out with my beshfwens...I felt so enjoy and what make me moved is all my beshfwens willing to came at Wagsa Walk mall which is near my home. A nite before we going out I have said to my fwen that I can't go out far from my house unless they came here...so they decide to came here only want me to join them...I'm so lucky to have beshfwens like that..
So we had enjoyed all day until 6.45 pm & after that I drove them to Putra Lrt almost 7 pm...I also had sent 1 of my beshfwen to her sister's home then after that I'm went back home..so tired but I had so much fun today..can't tell the whole activity that we had done today coz that will make a huge fuss later...huhu...so its SECRET..haha..so that's all for today..will update later..
(^_^)\/ peace

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yeayh!! I got a job...huuhu..so now no time to sit n relax at home..everyday n every week gotta go to work..Wanna know where I'm working rite now??
aarrghh..tension2...everyday got to faced jammed all the way from Gombak to Kelana Jaya...hurm..juz faced it Fieqa...u want to earn money rite..so juz faced it..alright2..
Futhermore I'm only work there till I got an offer to further my study so its not too long..Juz think its for my work experience..hehe..its fun actually got to wake up every morning then faced jammed to go to work..whatever it is I got an experience as a working people...hahahaha...cool..huhu so thats it for the entry..will update later yaa..
(^_^)\/ peace

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday I got message from my beshfwen said my senior's mom have passed away..Innalillah..the moment I got the message I've shock and read the message again & again...
I never expect that happen to her (everone didn't expect something like that rite)..poor 'sis'...before this her mom have admitted to the hospital because of what I've forgot..and we (my beshfwens) have visit her...at first her mom was critical but then we got news her mom was ok and got returned home...now she's gone..hurm...its all have been written rite..So sis, I know u'll be strong to faced this fated...I know u strong and we all behind u to support u & if u need someone we all here for u sis...
Al- Fatihah..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~CN Blue~

Now I have fall in love in CN Blue..hahaha...I think I have change my favorite band every month rite..huhu..but I still like B2sT & Ft Island...they are all the best for me..huhu...and if want to know Ft Island and CN Blue are in the same agency so they are friendly competitive..

The vocalist of CN Blue & FT Island have acting together in 'You're Beautiful' drama. This drama have a highest ranking at korea.

If want to know more watch that drama ok..hhehe..
I also have put CN Blue new song title 'Love' at my blog so enjoy it...bubbye
( ^_^)\/ peace

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have fall in love in B2ST..huhu..first one of my fwen have give me B2ST song which is 'Take care of my girlfren' then after I hear it I totally love their song..before this I already have 1 of their song 'Shock' but then I felt bored with that song so I have ignored this band for a little while...but now I admire them again...huhu..thanx to who give me their song...hehe

In this group I like Yang Yoseob..his cute and funny..I just wacth him on Oh! My school tv show at KBS then saw him make joke and also dance...aaahh so cute..hehe..

Actually most of their group members all cute and also handsome...haha..well u know girls rite..always choose man who just cute and handsome...even they sing worse when live but not all korean band like that...

I just found out 1 group who sing better or good when live..FT Island..they cute and their voice is also good as their look..huhu if u dun believe it just see on youtube...one of their song I like is 'Love, Love, Love'

(^_^)\/ peace

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Bestfren...

I have many bestfren..since in high school until I've enter college..but I have 1 bestfren that I really2 comfort with...this person so special to me...this person is a person which other people hard to understand this person and also hard to close with this person..
Instead of that, this person can entertain me when I'm in a bad mood and also give me a good advice when I'm down..

Actually its hard to find this kind of person now and because of that I really appreciate and grateful to have a fren like this person...but recently I don't know why our friendship is not as usual..I don't know if I have make any of mistake...

Whatever it is I still hope our friendship is like people always said 'bff' bestfriend forever
(^_^)\/ peace

So Sad...=(

I believe each one of us have their bestfren rite...what u feels when ur bestfren make something horrible to u..I bet u must feel sad rite..Just what I feels now..sad..=( I don't know what I'm doing wrong to my bestie..I accepted if my bestie give me a good reason for what my bestie do to me...I feel like to cry out loud...but I'm not like a kind of person...I prefer to keep it to myself quietly...thats me..

Someone have told me if ur like to keep ur probs or anything that u hate to ur heart u will died soon..huhu..If its true I think I might died soon...hope its not true..I don't want to dead before my dream come true or before I make my parents dream come true...huhu..

So I did't know what status our friendship now..I feel like to see my bestie and face my bestie and ask what I'm doing wrong..If I called I bet my bestie won't pick up..I know my bestie very well..hurm...so that all for this time post...will update later..
(^_^)\/ peace

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old but sweet

The title for this time is kind of weird rite...I bet u all must think of something else..hehe..but this time I would like to share about an old SONG but sweet to hear it...the song I talked about is the song where u'll hear now on my blog...
This song is a ost or background song of Miss Congeniality at Astro Warna...this song appear when Sandra Bullock undercover in the Miss United States competition..so when I hear this song I feel like my heart totally melt...huhuhu..so this song will become my favorite song for this months or moment...huhu just wait n see the next post..will I stay with this song or not..huhu..

As I have started to like this song, I would to dedicated this song to my parents...
Babah & Ibu u're both in a million...no one can replace both of u...we love u both...

thanx for raise me up and make me happy all the time...love u all...

and this song also for my bestfrens

thanx girls for being my frens...we have been friend almost 3 years...such a amazing friendship I ever had..love u all...
(^_^)\/ peace

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I've got new exciting activity to do...which is SWIMMING...yeayh...my old activity at college..(thanx to my fren who had accompany me)...It's fun coz I go with my siblings..which is my younger brother always make something stupid and also fun at pool...that his attitude..I'm ok with it as long not too much...huhu..so I have snap pic of pool where my siblings and I went to swimming..here it is......

I have swim from the start until the end of this pool...aaahh soooo tired..I feel like my chest will blow up(boommm)..I feel so hard to breath but its fun because I still can reach till the end even long time didn't go to swimming..huhu..Not so bad la...hehe..
Owh almost forgot..when we came back home I see a cat lay down in a unique position..here the pic..

Ok gtg..Have some stuff to do..will update later...bubbye!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

~I Am Number Four~

So this is the new movie that I want to watch so badly...the trailer is so cool..I really want to watch it...anyone want to go with me???huhu..watch the trailer at www.findnumber.com don't missed to watch it..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cleaning dusty on my blog..huhuhu

hurmmm....fuh2..owh my blog so dusty...hahaha..long time didn't wrote anything in my blog...so new story..hurmm...finally I have finished my study but did not graduate yet...maybe on this July..InsyaAllah...and now I have been officially be an unemployed...juz be a driver to my mom and also my younger brother...hurm..thats ok and its better than I just sit at home and doing nothing...so that all...will be update later on..bubbye..