Thursday, September 9, 2010

~ SeLaMaT Ar! RaYe!!!~

Selamat ari raye maaf zahir & batin....moge raye kali nie lbh brmkne dr yg sblmnye...moge sume amalan pada bulan ramdhan dtrima oleh ALLAH..amin...So rye kali nie cm bese la..msk rndg, buat kuih and x lpe shoppng rye..(the best thing ever) huhu...To all my dear frens, selamat ari rye & maaf zahir batin ye...0-0 eyh kowg...huhu...For my frenz at KUIS, gud luck for ur practical t..Hope all of us will pass the exam with best result...leyh la convo sesame...huhu amin2...Last but not least, jmput la dtg umh ye kwn2..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

~Sh0rT S3M!!~

After finish the final exam..we have a holiday..erm..not too long juz for 1 day I guess huhu..but whatever it is we gonna register on next 2 days after finish the final in the short sem this time, we didn't have much class juz 3 days only..on Wednesday n Friday we got a day cool..on Wednesday is movie day bcoz on that day the price for a ticket is very inexpensive..huhu & on Friday is the day to go back home..haha..but on this short sem I have to struggle to get a flying color result bcoz I got warning from my sister & also my dad..scary da way
and all the best to my classmates too..

Friday, February 26, 2010

F!naL Exam!!

After holiday, I have to faced final exm...huhu...but its okeyh...after i had enjoyed with my family, i have to struggle in exam n prove to them that i can make it in my exam...ganbatte ne~ and to all DCS students ganbatte kudasai..chaiyok2..gud luck in exam..hope we all can pass all subjects this sem...

Ganbatte Kudasai minna~

~CNY at BanDung!! ~

ooppss sowie long time not to update my blog...erm..on cny my family and i went to Bandung for vacation...its great for shoppng only but if want to rest ur mind don't went there...u will more here is the pictures at there.....

me & my along at LCCT b4 went there

kak ngah n kak chik....

shopping time!!hehehe

'keta kuda' hehehe

bakso...Indonesia famous dish

me, along & boy at volcano on 3rd day..

weird....tea in botol...huhu

bubbye bandung...^_^