Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Half day at office~

Today I've got half day from my boss..huhu yes I like..but actually I've got something to settle. Yesterday was my tragic day...I've got an accident..yes..an ACCIDENT..not so bad actually and the important thing is ITS NOT MY FAULT ok...my car got hit from the back..its jammed that time and that car in such a hurry n then could not brake his car then BOOM..hit my car..gosh that time only Allah know how I felt..a loner ladies got accident with a men..huhu
So today I go to the police station to make a report..at first I go to Kota Damansara Police Station then they said I have to go to the PJ Police Station coz I've got an accident at PJ area not Kota Damansara..hurm..ok so I went there with my dad n my office mate (my friend actually) then make a report..Its take a lot of time actually..I have to key in the report by my self at the computer that have been prepared there...so I've settled everything at 2.30 pm.

We went back to Kota Damansara & arrive at 3.00 pm so we went to lunch first coz all of us really starving that time & after lunch I sent my dad to his office..So because of long journey, I've to ask my friend to drive from Kota Damansara to KTM station at Batu Caves to sent himself there..huhu sorry my fren still shock regarding yesterday and after that I went back home safely..alhamdulillah..
To my fren...thanx for being my driver today hehe & sorry because u have to take a long journey to get home today...
(^_^)\/ peace

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