Friday, February 26, 2010

F!naL Exam!!

After holiday, I have to faced final exm...huhu...but its okeyh...after i had enjoyed with my family, i have to struggle in exam n prove to them that i can make it in my exam...ganbatte ne~ and to all DCS students ganbatte kudasai..chaiyok2..gud luck in exam..hope we all can pass all subjects this sem...

Ganbatte Kudasai minna~

~CNY at BanDung!! ~

ooppss sowie long time not to update my blog...erm..on cny my family and i went to Bandung for vacation...its great for shoppng only but if want to rest ur mind don't went there...u will more here is the pictures at there.....

me & my along at LCCT b4 went there

kak ngah n kak chik....

shopping time!!hehehe

'keta kuda' hehehe

bakso...Indonesia famous dish

me, along & boy at volcano on 3rd day..

weird....tea in botol...huhu

bubbye bandung...^_^