Saturday, October 17, 2009

~G0!ng 0uT~

Yesterday I'm going out with my sis's n my cousins..we went to One Utama a.k.a ou..hehe..we went to watch Papadom..this movie is so great..

This story is about a father that so concerned about his daughter after her wife passed away..he doesn't want to let her daughter go study too far from him but her daughter he made a plan..he be a gardener in his daughter university n at the same time he can watch her daughter activity..hehe..anyway i like this kind of father..I think the way her father treat her juz want to show how he love his daughter...erm..lucky to have father like da way my father also juz like this but not too concerned juz like in this movie..anyway love babah..muaahh..thanx for being my babah..

Friday, October 9, 2009


Woo..long time didn't update my blog..huhu..So now i'm at home while waiting for new sem..1 month at home make me sick..huhu so I have spent my time by watching korean drama Boys Before Flower..oowwhh thats drama sooo great n so cool..huhu..n now I was addicted to that drama.

In that drama I love the character of So Yi Jung that had played by kim bum..owh Kim Bum is so cute in that drama..huhu..

Sarang hae Kim Bum!! ^_^