Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have fall in love in B2ST..huhu..first one of my fwen have give me B2ST song which is 'Take care of my girlfren' then after I hear it I totally love their song..before this I already have 1 of their song 'Shock' but then I felt bored with that song so I have ignored this band for a little while...but now I admire them again...huhu..thanx to who give me their song...hehe

In this group I like Yang Yoseob..his cute and funny..I just wacth him on Oh! My school tv show at KBS then saw him make joke and also dance...aaahh so cute..hehe..

Actually most of their group members all cute and also handsome...haha..well u know girls rite..always choose man who just cute and handsome...even they sing worse when live but not all korean band like that...

I just found out 1 group who sing better or good when live..FT Island..they cute and their voice is also good as their look..huhu if u dun believe it just see on of their song I like is 'Love, Love, Love'

(^_^)\/ peace

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Bestfren...

I have many bestfren..since in high school until I've enter college..but I have 1 bestfren that I really2 comfort with...this person so special to me...this person is a person which other people hard to understand this person and also hard to close with this person..
Instead of that, this person can entertain me when I'm in a bad mood and also give me a good advice when I'm down..

Actually its hard to find this kind of person now and because of that I really appreciate and grateful to have a fren like this person...but recently I don't know why our friendship is not as usual..I don't know if I have make any of mistake...

Whatever it is I still hope our friendship is like people always said 'bff' bestfriend forever
(^_^)\/ peace

So Sad...=(

I believe each one of us have their bestfren rite...what u feels when ur bestfren make something horrible to u..I bet u must feel sad rite..Just what I feels now..sad..=( I don't know what I'm doing wrong to my bestie..I accepted if my bestie give me a good reason for what my bestie do to me...I feel like to cry out loud...but I'm not like a kind of person...I prefer to keep it to myself quietly...thats me..

Someone have told me if ur like to keep ur probs or anything that u hate to ur heart u will died soon..huhu..If its true I think I might died soon...hope its not true..I don't want to dead before my dream come true or before I make my parents dream come true...huhu..

So I did't know what status our friendship now..I feel like to see my bestie and face my bestie and ask what I'm doing wrong..If I called I bet my bestie won't pick up..I know my bestie very that all for this time post...will update later..
(^_^)\/ peace

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old but sweet

The title for this time is kind of weird rite...I bet u all must think of something else..hehe..but this time I would like to share about an old SONG but sweet to hear it...the song I talked about is the song where u'll hear now on my blog...
This song is a ost or background song of Miss Congeniality at Astro Warna...this song appear when Sandra Bullock undercover in the Miss United States when I hear this song I feel like my heart totally this song will become my favorite song for this months or moment...huhu just wait n see the next post..will I stay with this song or not..huhu..

As I have started to like this song, I would to dedicated this song to my parents...
Babah & Ibu u're both in a one can replace both of u...we love u both...

thanx for raise me up and make me happy all the u all...

and this song also for my bestfrens

thanx girls for being my frens...we have been friend almost 3 years...such a amazing friendship I ever u all...
(^_^)\/ peace

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I've got new exciting activity to do...which is old activity at college..(thanx to my fren who had accompany me)...It's fun coz I go with my siblings..which is my younger brother always make something stupid and also fun at pool...that his attitude..I'm ok with it as long not too I have snap pic of pool where my siblings and I went to it is......

I have swim from the start until the end of this pool...aaahh soooo tired..I feel like my chest will blow up(boommm)..I feel so hard to breath but its fun because I still can reach till the end even long time didn't go to swimming..huhu..Not so bad la...hehe..
Owh almost forgot..when we came back home I see a cat lay down in a unique the pic..

Ok gtg..Have some stuff to do..will update later...bubbye!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

~I Am Number Four~

So this is the new movie that I want to watch so badly...the trailer is so cool..I really want to watch it...anyone want to go with me??? the trailer at don't missed to watch it..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cleaning dusty on my blog..huhuhu

hurmmm....fuh2..owh my blog so dusty...hahaha..long time didn't wrote anything in my new story..hurmm...finally I have finished my study but did not graduate yet...maybe on this July..InsyaAllah...and now I have been officially be an unemployed...juz be a driver to my mom and also my younger brother...hurm..thats ok and its better than I just sit at home and doing that all...will be update later on..bubbye..