Friday, March 30, 2012

New h0bby!!

hurm for these past few days I have a new hobby which is play squash..hehe..for a first time I play, seriously I think I've no talent to play this at all...I felt so stupid when I play this kind of sport...hahaha but for the secnd time, its been better and for sure even better than first time..haha

Actually this sport make me exhausted..its not same with other sport that I play..its make me wanna faint..hurghh...but its fun..heehe..

Thanx to my sister who promoted or introduce this sport to me..and tomorrow I'll play it again InsyaAllah so till here then...will update again later..

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gikwang sweet

hye guys I bet u'll wondering the title up there rite..wanna know? after u watch this video u'll know why I put the title like check it out..

orite so now u know rite..he look so sweet when he try to persuade the baby and also when the baby sleep on his arm...hurm..juz like a father...haha so I bet he already know how to take care of his child when he get married..huhu

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Joy & The Pain

Hallo its a long time I didn't update my blog. Its because recently I've no idea to wrote sowie..So now I'll study again..yeayh!! hehe...where?? Its will revealed soon..hahaha

After I know that I've been accepted to cntinue my study I told my parents and I also want to tell my bestfrens but unfortunately not all of them that have time for me..Its ok they've their own life now so maybe they busy with it..who I am to judge them rite..hurmm...

But after feeling down my 'brother' have called me...I'm so happy when he called me bcoz its about a month he didn't contact me. He so busy with his activities at his university but he never missed to take care of me even he busy. There use when u have a little sister rite..huhu thanx 'abang' to take care of yaa <3

After my 'brother' have called me, I called my bestfwen..we talk till 2 am..after so long didn't contact him many story that came out that nite. So I can sleep peacefully tonite and hope I get a nice & sweet dreamz...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~B2St fever~

Halloo...its been long time didn't update my blog..huhu...I'm kind of busy with working rite now..huhu... So for this 2 weeks I've been busy with work and no time to do other things but 1 thing that I always do which is listen to the music..hehe.. Its make me happy and less of pressure..huhu
B2st or Beast have debute their 1st album..aaahh I'm so I've download their full album n now I've listen to their song for this whole weekend non stop..haha...In the previous post I've told u guys that I've fallen in love with B2st rite n now I'm more in love with them..haha..

this is their album cover

I've put their song at my blog & the title is enjoy it & u must love it!!
Oh forgot something....just because of my sis have fallen in love with Yoseob so I've to choose
someone else n the lucky person is ...

this is my cute Kikwang oppa...huhu

So that's all for today & I will update later...bubbye & c yaa!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Hang Out wif my bff ~

Last Thursday I've a great time with my bff which is I didn't see her almost 3 years..woa 3 years is not a short time u know...but bff still bff we're still close as we were in last 3 years..Actually I didn't plan to meet her but as all my frens know I'm an unexpected person...

I got went back home early from the office n suddenly I'm thinking of my bff then I called n ask her simple as that...then we went to wangsa walk mall....I've accompany my fren to shopping n I'm just do window shopping only..huhu didn't get my pay check yet..huhu

After that we went to Secret Recipe to full our empty bff have treat me..aarhhh lurve her very we've order 2 slice of cake & 1 p
late of spaghetti meat balls..yummy..

this is my bff Muna with her cute face & Choc Ice Blended ^_^

oopss sowie the spaghetti didn't arrive yet...huhu

So after eating we went back home..almost 8'oclock that time...huhu anyway I'm so happy that day n we have talk a lot about our past...its so funny n also missed that da way thanx so much & luv u Muna!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did u guys know what is boomerang?? Boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape that use as a weapon or for sport but usually most people use for sport.

this is what boomerang looks like

Why I'm telling u this?? because one of my fren have gave me a song that title boomerang. I heard this song for the first time n it has captured my heart...haha..strange rite...yess..this song is interesting n also lovely..its sing by a group called Plain White T's

this is Plain White T's if u guys dunno them

They popular with the song 'hey delilah' try to search this boomerang song n hear it..I bet u'll be love my fren who gave me this song..thanx soo much..I really2 appreciate it n also I really have fall in love with this song...huhu....

owh I have change my song to this boomerang lets hear n enjoy it...
(^_^)\/ peace

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Half day at office~

Today I've got half day from my boss..huhu yes I like..but actually I've got something to settle. Yesterday was my tragic day...I've got an ACCIDENT..not so bad actually and the important thing is ITS NOT MY FAULT car got hit from the back..its jammed that time and that car in such a hurry n then could not brake his car then BOOM..hit my car..gosh that time only Allah know how I felt..a loner ladies got accident with a men..huhu
So today I go to the police station to make a first I go to Kota Damansara Police Station then they said I have to go to the PJ Police Station coz I've got an accident at PJ area not Kota Damansara..hurm..ok so I went there with my dad n my office mate (my friend actually) then make a report..Its take a lot of time actually..I have to key in the report by my self at the computer that have been prepared I've settled everything at 2.30 pm.

We went back to Kota Damansara & arrive at 3.00 pm so we went to lunch first coz all of us really starving that time & after lunch I sent my dad to his office..So because of long journey, I've to ask my friend to drive from Kota Damansara to KTM station at Batu Caves to sent himself there..huhu sorry my fren still shock regarding yesterday and after that I went back home safely..alhamdulillah..
To my fren...thanx for being my driver today hehe & sorry because u have to take a long journey to get home today...
(^_^)\/ peace