Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Joy & The Pain

Hallo its a long time I didn't update my blog. Its because recently I've no idea to wrote here...huhu..so sowie..So now I'll study again..yeayh!! hehe...where?? Its will revealed soon..hahaha

After I know that I've been accepted to cntinue my study I told my parents and I also want to tell my bestfrens but unfortunately not all of them that have time for me..Its ok they've their own life now so maybe they busy with it..who I am to judge them rite..hurmm...

But after feeling down my 'brother' have called me...I'm so happy when he called me bcoz its about a month he didn't contact me. He so busy with his activities at his university but he never missed to take care of me even he busy. There use when u have a little sister rite..huhu thanx 'abang' to take care of me...love yaa <3

After my 'brother' have called me, I called my bestfwen..we talk till 2 am..after so long didn't contact him actually..so many story that came out that nite. So I can sleep peacefully tonite and hope I get a nice & sweet dreamz...

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  1. congratz fieqa! you know I always love you... XOXO