Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did u guys know what is boomerang?? Boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape that use as a weapon or for sport but usually most people use for sport.

this is what boomerang looks like

Why I'm telling u this?? because one of my fren have gave me a song that title boomerang. I heard this song for the first time n it has captured my heart...haha..strange rite...yess..this song is interesting n also lovely..its sing by a group called Plain White T's

this is Plain White T's if u guys dunno them

They popular with the song 'hey delilah' try to search this boomerang song n hear it..I bet u'll be love my fren who gave me this song..thanx soo much..I really2 appreciate it n also I really have fall in love with this song...huhu....

owh I have change my song to this boomerang lets hear n enjoy it...
(^_^)\/ peace