Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~ Kazoku to eiga e ikimashita~

Last Saturday my kazoku(family) and I went to The Curve watching 2012 because of my yonger sis wishes for her bufday...so we arrive at 11 and the show is 11.30 so we wait at the outside of the cnema...the graphic is so cool n i was realise a "bit" with the story..huhu

babah with massage chair...huhu

kak chik n babah...(k.chik had a pain with the massge..huhu)

while wait for the movie babah, ibu n kak chik have a massage at massage chair at the front of the cnema...huhu..me n my sis also had a snap pic together...hehe..i had so much fun that day..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

~G0!ng 0uT~

Yesterday I'm going out with my sis's n my cousins..we went to One Utama a.k.a ou..hehe..we went to watch Papadom..this movie is so great..

This story is about a father that so concerned about his daughter after her wife passed away..he doesn't want to let her daughter go study too far from him but her daughter insist..so he made a plan..he be a gardener in his daughter university n at the same time he can watch her daughter activity..hehe..anyway i like this kind of father..I think the way her father treat her juz want to show how he love his daughter...erm..lucky to have father like this..hehe..by da way my father also juz like this but not too concerned juz like in this movie..anyway love babah..muaahh..thanx for being my babah..

Friday, October 9, 2009


Woo..long time didn't update my blog..huhu..So now i'm at home while waiting for new sem..1 month at home make me sick..huhu so I have spent my time by watching korean drama Boys Before Flower..oowwhh thats drama sooo great n so cool..huhu..n now I was addicted to that drama.

In that drama I love the character of So Yi Jung that had played by kim bum..owh Kim Bum is so cute in that drama..huhu..

Sarang hae Kim Bum!! ^_^

Monday, September 7, 2009

~..My Brother fly t0 JapaN 2m0rroW..~

erm busy lately withe final exam..so today I'm at home because I had a long gap b4 my next paper..so today busy with my family bussiness..hehe..so after finish helping my sis n my mom, I hve chat with my bro n then he told me that he gonna fly 2 Japan 2morrow..owh my God..he didn't tell me earlier..I was very sad but he told me that he went there only for 1 week n then come back here b4 'raye'..n after 'raye' he gonna fly back there..so I have time to see him..huhu..anyway ganbatte kundasai abg..hope u will be fine there...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SelaMat MenYambuT BuLan RaMaDhaN!!!

sowie long time not update my blog..huhu..busy lately...erm..final exam is juz around the corner huhuhu...there is no time to play around...have to study hard..Ganbatte Kudasai!! erm..I also want to wish u all 'Selamat berpuasa'..hope puase pnuh this year..hehe..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I was Tag by Muzakkir!!..

1- Copy Award Diatas Untuk Diletakkan Di Blog Anda

dh copy pown..huhu

2-Nyatakan 5 Fakta Menarik Tentang Si Pemberi Award Ini
- seorang yg always t'snyum o hepy..
- mmbr yg baik
- erm..agk cute n stylo..hehe
- seronok bile bork ngn die
- m'beri inspirasi for me to start blogging..huhuhu..

3-Setiap Blogger Mestilah Menyatakan 10 Fakta Atau Hobi Diri Sendiri Sebelum Memilih Penerima Award Seterusnya
1- like to surf internet
2- like to playing games at ps2
3- easy to be frenz
4- ske hang out or lepak ngn mmbr2..
5- chat at ym
6- watch movie
7- ske dgr lgu
8- love to download new song
9- hurm..ske tepon owg or ckp kt tepon lme2..haha(bil tepon slalu tggi..haha)
10-of course ske tdo..huhu..

4-Anda Perlu Memilih 10 Penerima Award Seterusnya Dan Describe Tentang

1- Shaz~my sis yg slalu hang out with me
2- Syeera~my secnd sis yg comeyh n sbr ngn prangai adk die nie..huhu
3- Syieda~my younger sis yg slalu wat prangai tp always help me when i ask..
4- Dekya~my cousin yg kechik n plg rapat ngan ak..huhu(jgn mrh dekya)
5- Emran~my nephew yg comel
6- Baby~cousin yg minat gler anime
7- Anis~my fren yg dh jrg updte blog coz xde line huhu
8- Azawiff~minat gler kt game n de byk info psl computr..
9- Pakcik~kwn yg temn ak blk umh n sme2 t'prgkp dlm jam..huhuhu(thanx pkcik)
10-K.long Nani~my cousin yg m'punyai ank yg sgt comeyh(emran)hehe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

...~My Act!v!ty T0daY~...


today i'm went to Jusco Au at Setiawngsa..ak g ngn my sis..huhu..frst time went there..best woo..hehehe...just 2 of us went there coz my fmily had to go to my cousin's weddng at Cheras..erm..my intention went to jusco coz want to buy some stuff utk msk kolej sok..hehe..kne la beli brg skit kan..new sem la katakn..hehe..

This is the stuff that i bought but not all that is my stuff..huhu..de gak brg utk umh...if all this my stuff..ish2 mmg pening la nk bwk blk kolj..byk woo..huhu..nie br g 2 owg nie..juz imagine kalo 1 fmily g...aduish..agk2 nye mmg pnuh la troli 2..huhu

erm...after shoppng of course la pnt n lapr kan..g pown time 2 dh kol 3 lbh ar..so my sis ask me nk mkn pew..so on da way to kete 2 t'nmpk la A&W nie..so i decide utk mkn A&W...so while my sis went to buy food for me..pe g take pic laa..huhu..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


yeyh!!...my parents came back home tomorrow...I'm very excited to welcme them home..huhu...I miss them very much..hhuhuhu...my dad said that he was bald and we very excited to see his new imge..hehehe...can't wait..by da way tomorrow I hve to go to my collge to register for my new semester..erm..next week my life will busy again...heheehe..

Monday, May 11, 2009

~ HaPPy B!rThdaY !!~

Today...11th May 2009 is one of my fren bufday...happy bufday arith..hope u success in ur life..getting older huh..hehehe...so gud luck with ur life..chaiyok2 for ur future..hope u'll happy always..

SweeT -19-

Hope this day is as special as you are

Count your life by smiles, not tears
Count your age by friends, not years

You're not getting older, you're getting better

May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest

Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~..M0Th3R's DaY..~

To some LOVE is just a word
To me it's a feeling
A feeling I get every time I look into your eyes

A feeling I get when I realize your my mom
A mom who loves, shares, A mom who inspires

What's that?
That's LOVE

A mothers love, but only you would know

And me
You returned that love time and time again

Possibly to much, nevertheless you did
Thank You

Thank You for being there when I needed you most
Thank You for believing in me, even when I doubted
For being the one person I could trust

No matter what, no matter where
But most of all thank-you for being you my luvly mom
A mom I am so proud to
Now and forever!!

happy mother's day to my luvly mom yg ade kt Mekah..I LOVE U very much ibu..hope u fine there..we'll miss u very much here...n we'll wait u & dad went back home..thanx for all ur love n thanx for tke cre of me....Love u very much!!muuaahh...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

..My Dad & My m0m..

My LuvlY PaR3nTs

W!tH mY mom aT KLIA

This pic was taken b4 my parents went to umrah..erm..quite sad actually..huhu :( but try to accpt that..hehe..by da way i had my holiday untill my parents went back..huhu..

Friday, May 1, 2009

...F!naL ExaM HaD F!n!sH..




This is da subject that i had taken for this short sem..huhu..nk kata ssh..erm..agk laa..but i had faces the exam..huhu..the question is quite hard for me to answer it..huhu..but when comes the calculation question..woohoo..i'm the happy person to answer that question..hehe..xde la nk bgge o riya' kew tp i love calculation..kbetulan comp architectre n comp netwrk de lak psl clculation nie..bersemgt la nk jwb exam..hehe..exam ak hnye selme 3 ari shje..so x de la nk tension2 sgt..huhu..tp ade la tension skit hehe..mau x nye dh tdo smpai kol bpe pg smate2 nk study..huhu..smgt gler la ak n my frenz nie..hehe..mest la..FINAL EXAM la katakan..sume nk score..spe x nk dpt pointer tggi kan..

Ahli Bilik C402

hurm...nie la roomtes ak..C402..i never frget that rooms..many memories there..hehe..mmg syok abis la kt blik 2..yg slalu kne buli dlm blik 2 of course la ain..coz die yg plg kecik kt blik 2..huhuhu..cian die..tp tnpe ktowg mmg x havoc la blik 2..huhu..blik 2 akn sunyi without us..hehe..prasan la plak..by da way i'm very hepy in this shrt sem coz adenye mmbr2 ak..without them i don't know whether i'm strong enough to faces this shrt sem..dorg la yg bg ak full supprt when i almost gave up n they also cheer me up when i'm sad..Thanx gurls.. korg la yg perfect kan shrt sem nie...huhu..Thanx Izah (yg sempoi & funny)..u always gave me supprt to keep trying..Thanx Anis (yg slalu blur) u always gave me such a gud advice when i'm having problem with frenship..Thanx Key(yg slalu redha ble kne buli) u such a kind person n always accmpny me when i'm alone driving home...n very thanx to Ain(dak kechik) u always cheer me up when i'm sad n u also such a gud listener..n x lpe gak kt lyn(xde dlm pic) slalu sengal n slalu bwat kan ak ketwa..sory coz kdg2 slalu mrh ko..tp bkn mrh tol2 tp mrh gurau2 jew..jgn amik ati ye..hehe...ape2 pown ak ENJOY sgt time shrt sem nie ngan korg sume...hope our frenship will long lasting and I LOVE U ALL...muuaahhss...

..B4 da pReSenTat!0n..

hurm..long time didn't updte my blog..huhu..erm..this pic is taken infrnt of da library b4 we had our last presentation huhu..as people say smbil m'nyelam mnum air..haha..so smbil crk info kte b'gmbr la dlu..huhu

izah n anis at cfe

izah,anis,key & d hjung sne fadhil

Saturday, April 18, 2009


yesterday...my frenz n i went to Alamanda again..hehehe..ktowg g tgk wyg cter..coming soon..huhuhu..not bad la cter die...xde la seram mne..coz antu die asyk sme jew..huhu..cter die juz like curse n spirit..kalo tgk cter 2 die akn mati..erm..karut jew..yg x leh blah owg yg tgk 2 sume msk dlm cter 2 dgn secre tbe2..huhu pelik tol..pape pown best la smntara nk tggu blk umh..huhu

Thursday, April 16, 2009

today make me tir3d...

ari nie...keje time!!hehe...ri nie de krnival krjaya tok dak2 skolh kt my kolej..so ak & kwn2 ak iaitu izzah,anis,key & tqa dtgskn utk jd ajk kbrsihn..mcm2 keje la yg ktowg kne wat..dr pg smpai la ke ptg..pg2 lagi dh kne agkt2 air..pdahl bkn keje ktowg...erm..redha je la..ikhlas tlg an..huhu...tp yg plg syok mkn free..hahaha sve bjet tok 1 ari..tp mknn free pown ktowg x smpt nk mkn..bz sgt smpai x mkn..huhu rjin gler an ktowg nie..huhuhu part ak ak kne jge booth..tp g gak jln2 kt tmpat lain..usha2 dak2 skolh..tgk sketsa..ermm..cam2 g laa..hehe..best woo..tp pnt sgt..ptg lak de hi-tea..mkn lg..haa..yg nie smpat la mkn sbb dh abis keje..huhu...blk2 je dr event 2..kaki ak n pale dh sakit gler...x tau la nk ckp cm ne skit nye..pe g..telan pil thn sakit 2 bjik pas 2...booomm!!..tdo!!..haha...

nie la antra pic2 yg smpat di amik..huhuhu...dr lunch smpai la ke hi-tea..x bis2 snap pic..huhu..nie la dak2 dcs..pntang nmpk kmera..hehe

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ari yg pnuh dgn kjutan..hahah

yesterday..my frenz n i went to the cinema to watch 'jangan tegur'..erm..best la gak..actually its very funny bcoz time scene seram kt hspital 2 de la mamat infont of us nie m'jerit smbil agkt2 tgn...cm klakar laa coz dowg 2 laki n dh la jerit cm pompuan leh lak angkt2 tgn skali..mmg t'kejut sgt la 2..ktowg gelk gler2..dhsyt tol la mamat2 2..pglmn yg x leh d lpekn..hahahah...

..pic memakai jubah di masjid putrajaya..

blk dr 2 ktowg sggh msjd ptrjaya..owh forgt to tell that we watch movie at almnda..huhu..erm..wanna know what hppen when we want to solat..msk2 jew kt dpn pgr msjd 2 tbe2 de sorg pkcik guard nie ckp..."bhgian pompuan jln trus,pkai jubah biru dlu sblm msk"..ktowg t'prnjt laa..aik asl lak kne pkai jubh nie..rpenye bcoz of ktowg pkai suar...erm..nk msk msjd nie x leh pkai suar jeans..or anythng suar la ngan tshrt..for sure ar kne pkai jubh 2..huhuhu..ape2 pown sume 2 pnglmn wat ktowg..huhu.. ( p/s:pas nie cnfrm2 g msjd ptrjya pkai bju krg jew..huhu)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

supper t!me....huhuhu

nyum2...sdp nye....ptg td g la amik rief kt ktm..n then die bwk blk nie...donut tok ktowg..pkwe die amer yg melnje ktowg..huhuhu...best nye...so supper tonite is....DONUT..hehehe

..cter ari nie..

ari nie..ktowg blajr psg cble..pic kt ats nie laa cble yg telh brjye ak wat hehe...yg plg best skali ak brjye bwat skali jew..hehehe tp 2 pown setelah bebrape kali memintal wayar 2..nek skit jri2 ak..huhu...yg frst skali siap izah laa..huhu..terer la die..hehe..best sgt ble dh siap psg n leyh gne tok men game sok..huhu..yess!! sok klas network men game..jgn men2 taw...hahaha

erm..yg nie plak time kuliah pas klas netwrk..bowink punye psl mnde nie la yg jd...hahaha...nie adlh hasil krya izzah..huhu..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

n0thing special today..dok kt hstel jew...xde g mnew2 pown..busan laa huhu...dlm blik pown sume wat keje sndiri...huhu..sok dh strt klas blk..mle la ari yg bz bg ktowg sume...huhu...to be cntinue...

izzah..anis..key..tqa..reef..zaty..lyn..ain..n me..

this is my gurl classmates...sume cun2 blaka kan...ktowg x rmai so ktowg sume mmg rpt...xde yg t'sisih..huhu..ksh syg x kn bebrblh bg punye...hehehe....saayang kowg..muaahh..huhu thanx bcoz be my fwenz.. ^_^


Finally..i have my own blog..huhuhu..

this me..fieqa..i currently study at Selngr Intrnational Islamic Universty college at bangi n take dip in comp science..erm..i'm 19 this year on 27 August...huhu...

this is my classmates..
dorg nie gler2 skit.....ape2 pown
but best fwen with them..dorg help me a lot when i'm in trouble
saayang kowg sume..