Sunday, July 24, 2011

~B2St fever~

Halloo...its been long time didn't update my blog..huhu...I'm kind of busy with working rite now..huhu... So for this 2 weeks I've been busy with work and no time to do other things but 1 thing that I always do which is listen to the music..hehe.. Its make me happy and less of pressure..huhu
B2st or Beast have debute their 1st album..aaahh I'm so I've download their full album n now I've listen to their song for this whole weekend non stop..haha...In the previous post I've told u guys that I've fallen in love with B2st rite n now I'm more in love with them..haha..

this is their album cover

I've put their song at my blog & the title is enjoy it & u must love it!!
Oh forgot something....just because of my sis have fallen in love with Yoseob so I've to choose
someone else n the lucky person is ...

this is my cute Kikwang oppa...huhu

So that's all for today & I will update later...bubbye & c yaa!!

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