Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday I got message from my beshfwen said my senior's mom have passed away..Innalillah..the moment I got the message I've shock and read the message again & again...
I never expect that happen to her (everone didn't expect something like that rite)..poor 'sis'...before this her mom have admitted to the hospital because of what I've forgot..and we (my beshfwens) have visit first her mom was critical but then we got news her mom was ok and got returned she's gone..hurm...its all have been written rite..So sis, I know u'll be strong to faced this fated...I know u strong and we all behind u to support u & if u need someone we all here for u sis...
Al- Fatihah..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~CN Blue~

Now I have fall in love in CN Blue..hahaha...I think I have change my favorite band every month rite..huhu..but I still like B2sT & Ft Island...they are all the best for me..huhu...and if want to know Ft Island and CN Blue are in the same agency so they are friendly competitive..

The vocalist of CN Blue & FT Island have acting together in 'You're Beautiful' drama. This drama have a highest ranking at korea.

If want to know more watch that drama ok..hhehe..
I also have put CN Blue new song title 'Love' at my blog so enjoy it...bubbye
( ^_^)\/ peace